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City of Wykoff

“Gateway to Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park"

Wykoff is often called the “Gateway to Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park,” since it’s the closest town to the park with gas, restaurants, antiques and basic groceries. Ed’s Museum and Wykoff School Museum are two fun places to visit, where town historian and self-appointed collector Ed Krueger acquired the property in 1933.  The museum was originally built in 1876 and operated as a Jack Sprat Food Store. Step back in time with a visit to this unique building.

Also, spend a night in a restored city jail at the Historic Jail Haus Bed & Breakfast. Reservations at 507-352-4205 or 507696-1766.

A full-size Howitzer Model of 1890-1898 cannon is one of the features of the new Wykoff Veterans Memorial Park, located on the corner of Gold Street and East Front Street, which was completed in the fall of 2016. It is authentic with a full carriage given to the city by Congressman Sydney Anderson in 1920.

There is the Kingsland Middle School playground on Gold Street, a church playground located on Line Street and, and also a playground and park on the south side of the community center. There are also two ball fields in town for tournaments.


The community center on North Gold Street has long been used for meetings, weddings, dances, basketball games and movies. However, it also boasts that travelling play companies would perform there. Watch for a production by the Dreamery in April! Over the years there have been many improvements made to the community center, including a full kitchen with grill. Hall reservations can be made at 507-352-4011.

The Kickapoo Indians from Wisconsin would put on a medicine show and during intermission would sell medicine for $1 a bottle.

For more information about Wykoff, call city hall at 507-352-4011.


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